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1.25mm Enamel Copper Wire Spool
1.0mm Enamel Copper Wire Spool
0.8mm Enamel Copper Wire Spools
0.63mm Enamel Copper Wire Spool
0.5mm Enamel Copper Wire Spool
30W 12VDC Soldering Iron
Battery Powered 6W Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron Stand
2 Piece Cylinder Practice Locks
Large Glue Gun
14 Piece Precision Hobby Knife Set
10 Piece Spanner Set For Electronics
Stainless Steel Long Nose Pliers
Super Extension Claw & Magnetic Pickup
Metal Desolder Tool
Plastic Desolder Tool
Solder Sucker & Blower Bulb
Multi Function Cutter/Stripper Tool
Pocket Wire Stripper
Automatic Centre Punch (Prick Punch)
Vacuum Bench Vice With 75mm Jaw
Stainless Steel Tweezer Set - ESD safe
High Quality 7 Electrical Shears
Rotary Tool Bit Set - 192 Pieces

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