1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

SKU: 4173106


• Easy to install and with the convenience of wireless connection, you can now easily protect your property with the Swann Outdoor Security Camera.
• Just use the long 60ft (18m) power extension cable to plug into power, while video transmission is wireless.
• Once powered, just pair it with the ‘SAFE by Swann’ to enjoy live view and playback video.
• It connects directly to the Wi-Fi router, no need for a DVR or base station.
• See in the dark up to 100ft (30m) for 24/7 protection, while audio capture adds another layer of evidence to your footage.
• Expand your home security and manage everything under the same ‘SAFE by Swann’ by adding the Wire-Free Smart Security Camera and the Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera for full indoor and outdoor security.

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