10A IEC C13 / C14 In Line Power Filter D0942

SKU: D0942


Provides secondary protection for critical equipment in locations prone to unreliable electrical supply, such as lightning prone regions. Ideally suited for use in conjunction with UPS systems or as secondary surge protection connected in line at the equipment location. Excess voltage transients are diverted to neutral and earth, limiting the damage to the connected appliance. Once the spike condition is alleviated, the unit returns to normal operation. Designed for commercial installations with mission critical equipment such as servers, medical appliances etc.

Nominal Voltage: 200-250VAC, Single phase, 48-62Hz
Ports: 2 Ports
MCOV Uc: 320Vac L-N, 255VAC N-E
TOV: 350Vac L-N
Protection modes: L-N, N-PE, L-PE
Imax 8/20us: 40kA L-N, 10kA L-E, 10kA N-E
Inom 8/20us: 20kA L-N, 5kA, L-E, N-E
Response time:

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