12 Volt LED Strip Light Inline Controller X3230

SKU: 9321758178805


This inline LED strip light dimmer is suitable for use with our single colour 3528 and 5050 type SMD single colour strip lighting. It includes an ON/OFF switch, FLASH, FADE and SPEED modes. The speed and brightness button has a dual function. It can change the speed of the modes (5 speeds) and the brightness (8 levels). It can also turn the lights 'ON' and 'OFF'. Simply press the button for 3 seconds and it will turn the lights 'OFF'.

Working Voltage: DC 12~24V
Max Output Current: 12A
Max Output Power: 144W
Operating Temperature: -30°C~+75°C
Dimension: 42x12x3 (mm)

Functions of Keys
Key MODE: Switch to dynamic mode.
Key LIGHT: Switch to static light mode.
Key SPEED / BRIGHT: Adjust speed or brightness.

Press MODE key to switch among 5 dynamic modes,
Press LIGHT key to switch to static light mode,
Press SPEED/ BRIGHT key to change speed among 5 levels when at dynamic mode,
When at light mode, press SPEED/BRIGHT key to change light brightness among 8 levels.
Resume function. The previous settings will be resumed while power on again.

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