12V 9Ah SLA Battery

SKU: SB2487


Rated capacity: 12V 9Ah20 hr rate: 600mA (12Ah)10 hr rate: 486mA (4.86Ah)5 hr rate: 864mA (4.32Ah)1 hr rate: 3.24A (3.24Ah)Discharge current max: 135A


Discharge current max: 135A for 5 sec
Initial charge current: 2.7A
Cycle voltage: 14.4 - 15V
Standby voltage: 13.5 - 13.9V


DC Voltage : 12V
Length : 150mm
Width : 65mm
Height : 93.mm
DG UN Number : 2800.
DG Ship Name : 2800 - Batteries, wet, non-spillable, electric storage
DG Class : 8.
DG Pack Group : III - Minor Danger
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 108Wh
Dangerous in Road Freight : true
Dangerous in Air Freight : true
Recharging Voltage : 13.5V, 14.7V
Standard Recharge Current : 900mA
Recharging Time : 12hr
Battery Chemical Composition : Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Battery usage : Rechargeable
Battery Peak Current : 130A
Amp Hour Rating : 9Ah
20 Hour Capacity : 9Ah
10 Hour Capacity : 8.1Ah
5 Hour Capacity : 7.2Ah
1 Hour Capacity : 5.4Ah
Connection Type : Spade Terminals
Type of battery : SLA Block


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