12VDC 1.2A Car Power Adaptor

SKU: MP3678


Use your car's cigarette lighter socket to power or charge a variety of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, personal audio players, handheld video game consoles and PDAs. Choose from 7 different DC voltages and 6 different adaptor tips.


DC Voltage : 1.5V, 3.V, 4.5V, 6.V, 7.5V, 9.V, 12.V
Length : 99.mm
Width : 55.mm
Depth : 45.mm
Cable length : 1.8m
DC Plugpack Voltage : 1.5V
DC Current Draw : 1.2A
Vehicle Connection : Cigarette Lighter plug
Output Type : Cigarette Lighter
Type of converter or transformer : DC to DC

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