12VDC Car Cigarette 4-Way Splitter with USB Port

SKU: PS2019


With the plethora of 12VDC plug appliances now available, your car's single cigarette lighter socket seems somewhat insufficient. This socket splitter enables you to power up to four 12VDC plug appliances at once. From our range alone you can plug in a laptop adaptor, a heated travel mug, a sine wave inverter, and a rechargeable LED torch. Plus it features a USB port to charge your iPhone or other USB gadget. Comes with a detachable mounting base so you can mount this unit horizontally or vertically on your dash or centre console, and detach it for flexible use. Use this socket splitter with our 12V plug to socket extension cord PP-1990 to enjoy more creature comforts in your tent on your next camping trip.


Input Type : Cigarette Lighter
Input Connection : Plug
Output Type : Cigarette Lighter
Output Connection : Socket
Output Quantity : 4.0pc
Length : 1.2m
Total Current Rating : 1.0A
Number of Ports : 1.0pc
Required Voltage : 12.0V
Current Draw : 10.0A

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