15 + 15 80VA Toroidal Transformer M5115C

SKU: 9321758198100


Toroidal transformers are becoming increasingly popular due to their improved magnetic properties and also that they can be made to a lower profile than a standard solenoid core transformer, allowing for equipment of similar power to be of a lower profile such as rack mounted devices.

The advantage of the toroidal (donut) shape is that due to its symmetry the amount of magnetic flux that escapes outside the core (leakage flux) is minimised, therefore it radiates less electromagnetic interference (EMI) to nearby circuits or equipment. EMI is of increasing importance in modern low power, high frequency electronics.

Attention OEM customers: Please contact our parent company Altronic Distributors for extremely competitive wholesale pricing. Variations or custom toroidals available. Minimum order quantity applies.

Manufacturers please note, we recommend that a sample is obtained to confirm suitability

Note: Must be used with a 1A external AC fuse.

Included Mounting Hardware
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x Gasket
1 x Mounting Bolt
1 x Nut


Secondary (SEC) Current A
Current available where secondaries are connected in parallel.

Secondary (SEC) Current B
Current available where secondaries are connected in series.


Primary voltage: 240V AC
Secondary voltage: 15V (parallel), 30V (series)
Secondary current: 5.3A (parallel), 2.6A (series)
Regulation: Better than 10%
Maximum temperature rise: 75°C
Dielectric strength: 4000V for 1 Minute
Insulation class: Class B (130ºC)
Tolerance: ± 2%

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