15W Wireless Qi Fast Charger

SKU: MB3671


With this sleek, slimline Qi wireless 15w charging pad gone are the days of fumbling with cables. Using resonant inductance with an enabled device, you simply need to place your Qi enabled smart phone or Samsung Galaxy watch within 10mm of the charging pad, for charging to automatically begin. Supports fast 15W and Standard 5W charging specifications, and has both USB Type-C and micro B USB charging inputs. Many new smartphone models now support wireless Qi charging, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and so many more. Includes USB micro B power cable.

Current Output:‚
5V @ 0.6A (3W)
5V @ 1A (5W)
9V @ 0.8A (7.5W)
9V @ 1.1A (10W)
9V @ 1.67A (15W)
Output Power:


Maximum Power : 15.W
Height : 8.mm
Diameter : 100.mm
Weight : 59.g
USB Voltage Input : 5.V, 9.V
USB Input Current : 2.A, 2.5A
USB Item Connection : Micro B
USB Lead included : true
USB Voltage Outputs : 5., 9.
USB Current Output : 0.6A, 1.67A
Has USB power output? : true
Max Charging Distance : 10.mm
Efficiency : 73.

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