16 Zone Paging System Switch Box A4580

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The Redback Communicator is a paging system controller utilising the latest microprocessor circuitry that allows for both 100V line level or low level balanced line signals to be switched. Incredibly flexible and expandable, the Redback communicator is the result of many years development with direct feedback from pro sound contractors.

Ideal for paging and background music (BGM) control in large scale PA systems up to 16 zones (expandable to 32 zones with the addition of a second A 4580), such as schools, factories, shopping centres, airports, hotels, sporting venues and large corporate buildings.

The A 4580 is a central paging system control hub housing the switching circuitry. Background music is selectable on or off to any zone via the selection switches on the front panel.

When combined with the A 4660 paging console, each zone may be paged either individually or together with the use of the All-Call function. A “macro” function is also provided to enable the user to program a button for one touch operation of multiple zones. Up to 8 paging consoles can be connected across 4 circuits (max 2 per circuit).

Note: Power injectors (Redback A 4658) may be required when there are more than four paging consoles connected to the system, or for long cable runs.

The A 4580 also interfaces with the Redback A 4565B Alert/Evac controller to allow industry standard tones to be played in all zones when activated via the EVAC Input on the rear panel. This input could also be used for telephone paging

When used in 100V level configuration the system can be used with 1 or 2 amplifiers. BGM and paging can be distributed to any zone as desired. However, BGM will be interrupted to all zones when paging to any zone. When separate PA and BGM amplifiers are used, paging can be selected without interrupting BGM to remaining zones.

When used in low level balanced line configuration the system can be used with individual amplifiers in each zone. Enabling each zone speaker circuit to receive individual music program and local paging sources. The microphone consoles can page each zone amplifier as required.

A 4660 Microphone console

The system can accommodate up to 8 paging consoles on 4 individual circuits, with a maximum of 2 consoles per circuit. This console is capable of operating 4 to 32 zones (in multiples of 4 zones), with zones 17-32 only available with the addition of a second A 4580 communicator. Zones can be locked out if not required or to block access by users.

Pre announcement and post announcement internal or MP3 based chime/messages are available, if selected via the console menu interface.

Active zones are illuminated when selected, and cancelling a selected zone can be achieved by pressing the zone switch again, via the cancel switch or automatically if not used after approximately 10 seconds.

A busy indicator is standard on all microphone consoles to indicate when the system is in use by another user.

Output zones and an installer label can be custom labelled via the console menu interface.

Package Contents:
A4580 Audio Switcher
24V DC 2A Plug pack
Instruction Booklet

Paging console inputs: 4 x RJ45 8P8C
Data transmission: Cat5e cabling max 300m
Front panel controls: Mic level control, BGM (background music) level control, zone BGM selection switches, Evac vox level ,Evac volume
Front panel indicators: Mic active,Evac active

Rear panel controls:
BGM (background music) input: Dual stereo RCA’s
Evac input: Dual stereo RCA’s
BGM (background music) output: Dual stereo RCA’s
PA (public address) output: Dual stereo RCA’s
24V DC Switched output: Euroblock terminal
Zone output connectors: Euroblock terminal
Power connection (24V DC): Euroblock terminal
Protection (DC): Internal 2A polyswitch
Dimensions: 482W x 175D x 44H mm
Weight: 2.5kg

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