165pc Super Learning Lab Kit For Arduino Z6315

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A handy parts kit containing everything you need to start learning Arduino and building projects. Includes a huge selection of sensor boards, LEDs, pots, jumper wires, a breadboard, LCD screen and much more! A handy storage case keeps it neat when you’re finished building. Includes links to projects and example code.

Visit the KS0077 Super Learning Kit Wiki Page for project ideas

Kit Contents
LED - Blue x 5
LED - Red x 5
LED - Yellow x 5
LED - RGB x 1
220Ω Resistor x 8
10KΩ Resistor x 5
1KΩ Resistor x 5
103 Potentiometer x 1
Buzzer (active) x 1
Buzzer (passive) x 1
Large button switch x 4
Ball tilt sensor x 2
Photo Resistor x 3
Flame sensor x 1
LM35 Temp Sensor x 1
IC 74HC595N 16-pin DIP x 1
1-digit LED module x 1
4-digit LED module x 1
8 x 8 LED Matrix x 1
16x2 LCD display x 1
IR receiver x 1
IR remote control x 1
Servo Motor x 1
Stepper driver module x 1
Stepper Motor x 1
Joystick module x 1
Relay module x 1
PIR Motion Sensor x 1
Analog Gas Sensor x 1
ADXL345 Three Axis Acceleration Module x 1
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor x 1
DS3231 Clock Module x 1
DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor x 1
Soil humidity sensor x 1
RC522 RFID module x 1
RFID card x 1
RFID key x 1
Pin headers x 40
830 hole Breadboard x 1
Dupont connector wires x 10
Jumper Wire x 30
6-cell AA Battery pack x 1
USB cable x 1

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