16mm Brushed Aluminium Knob HK7020

SKU: 9319236015049


Features a high quality brushed aluminium finish, an engraved pointer and very
attractive appearance, making them suitable for Hi Fi projects or wherever a great appearance is required. 

1 knob per pack


Height : 14mm
Diameter : 16mm
Packaged Volume : 0.03l
Packaged Weight : 0.01kg
Packaged Length : 6cm
Packaged Width : 3.5cm
Packaged Height : 1.2cm
Colour / Finish : Brushed Aluminium
Colour Coded (Insert/Marking) : Silver
Shape : Cylindrical
Diameter : 16mm
Height : 14mm
Marking : Pointer Line
Material : Aluminimum
Securing Method : Grub Screw
Shaft Type : 1/4" Flattened Side

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