2 Channel 31 Band EQ With Feedback Detection A5332

SKU: 9321758142837


This professional unit delivers outstanding equalisation both in live or studio applications. Invaluable
for counteracting poor room or venue acoustics. The design employs ultra low noise audio amplifiers
with high quality components for outstanding sound reproduction. Each channel has 31 frequency
bands, each adjustable plus or minus 12dB. It also includes feedback LED indicators for each
channel. This allows feedback to be reduced or eliminated by “notching out” ie. reducing the system
frequency response at the offending frequency sector. Usually connected between the pre amp out and
power input of the sound system amplifier. High pass selectable filter switch provide 12dB per octave
below 40Hz. 3 pin XLR and 6.35mm sockets offer balanced connections. A switch is provided to bypass
all control settings. Overall output is controlled by the level control.

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