2 Channel Speaker Switch with Volume Control A2384

SKU: A2384


A 2 channel speaker switch designed for switching between multiple pairs of speakers. Allows on/off switching and level control of two sets of either 4Ω or 8Ω stereo speakers. Includes impedance correction circuit and a protection switch for use with 4Ω speakers. Power capacity up to 50W RMS per channel. Each stereo speaker set has an independent 10 step volume control plus on/off switch and flip-tab terminals on the rear panel.

Rated power: 50W RMS per channel
Attenuation: 10 step control
Pos 1: OFF
Pos 2-3: 6db per step
Pos 4-10: 3dB per step
Channel separation: 38dB @ 1KHz
Crosstalk (between ch.): 50dB @ 1KHz
Wire size: 14-22AWG
Dimensions (mm): 218W x 50H x 185D

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