2 Piece Cylinder Practice Locks

SKU: TH2202


Combine with a lock picking kit to learn how to pick cylinder type locks. Two different style cylinder practice locks are supplied, which are see-through so you can see the internal pins and springs in action. Challenge your mates to see who can pick the locks the fastest. 

• Transparent Locks
• 2 keys for each lock
• Plastic storage case for each lock


Dimension details : 2 Locks with 2 Keys Each
Packaged Volume : 0.72l
Packaged Weight : 0.25kg
Packaged Length : 18cm
Packaged Width : 10.2cm
Packaged Height : 3.9cm
• : 2 x Cylinder Practice Locks
• : 2 x Key Sets Per Lock
• : 2 x Storage Cases
Application : Personal Security Locksports

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