2000 Lumen 4 Bar LED Camping Kit

SKU: SL3969


This is a fast and effective way to provide light for a campsite, worksite, or anywhere you like. It’s built from four individual aluminium LED light strips, each one featuring 30 LEDs for 500 Lumens of light. That’s 2,000 Lumens for the whole kit, which is a lot of light! Everything is plug and play, with two 5m cables, two 2.5m cables, two 1m cables, four 0.5m cables, and a 3 to 1 joiner, you can connect them however you like to suit your particular use. A remote control for brightness and on/off is included, as well as three on/off dimmer switches, all contained in a convenient nylon carry case. They’re powered by 12VDC, with battery clips and a cigarette lighter socket provided. You can easily run from mains power using a 12V adaptor too.

Kit includes:

• 4 x LED Light Bars
• 1 x Nylon Carry Case
• 1 x Remote Control
• 1 x Remote Control Receiver
• 1 x On/Off Dimmer Switch
• 2 x 5m Quick Connect Cables
• 2 x 3.5m Quick Connect Cables
• 1 x 3m Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
• 1 x 3-Way Splitter Cable
• 1 x 2-Way Splitter Cable
• 1 x Battery Terminal Clamps To Female Cigarette Adaptor
• 6 x Hook and Loop Wraps For Mounting
• 10 x Cable Ties For Mounting

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