24 Hour Mechanical Timer A-N Switch

SKU: MS6113


Simple and effective for automatically switching your appliances on and off at particular times. Setup takes mere seconds, then set and forget. Works in 15min increments. It also includes an override switch so you can instantly engage power when required.

  • Simple Setup
  • Override Switch
  • Resolution: 15min increments
  • Time Duration: 24hrs

1) Plug the timer into mains power.
2) Plug your appliance into the socket of the timer.
3) Push down the segments according to the expected working duration of the appliance connected (each segment represents 15mins).
4) Turn the dial clockwise to make the arrow point to set the present time, and you're done!
To override the timer and use your appliance outside of the set time, simply flick the switch on the side!


AC current rating : 10A
Width : 70mm
Height : 125mm
Depth : 52mm
Weight : 135g
Mains Voltage Range : 240V
Frequency : 50Hz
Rated for AU Mains : true
Mains Max Current : 10A
Max Input Power : 2400W
Mains Item connection : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Packaged Volume : 1.89l
Packaged Weight : 0.16kg
Packaged Length : 22.5cm
Packaged Width : 11.2cm
Packaged Height : 7.5cm

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