43 Element UHF Antenna

SKU: LT3181


Ideal for metro/medium signal reception areas.

This antenna comes with a built-in 4G/LTE filter for mobile network signals.

This includes a gain of 13dB over the channels 21-52 channels, Bands 4 and frequency response from 470MHz to 862MHz.


Mounting Method : Pole MountExterior Roof
Attachment / Securing Method : U-Bolt
Packaged Volume : 20.99l
Packaged Weight : 1.67kg
Packaged Length : 72.8cm
Packaged Width : 35.6cm
Packaged Height : 8.1cm
Antenna Type : Yagi
Usage Location : Outdoor
Number of elements : 43pc
Reception Bands : TV Band 4: 526-582MHz
UHF Frequency Range : 470MHz, 750MHz
UHF Channel Range : 21ch, 52ch
UHF Gain : 11dB, 13dB
Boom Length : 1234mm
Antenna Assembly : Snap Together

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