5.8GHz HDMI 1080p Wireless AV Sender

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This HDMI AV sender includes a transmitter and receiver unit to transmit crystal clear 1080p signals up to 30m wirelessly. Amazing bandwidth of up to 6.75Gbps, but will cater for lower resolutions equally well and features 5.8GHz wireless frequency for less interference. For added convenience, an infrared extender is fully integrated, so you can use your remote control on the receiver end for full control of your devices as well! Full HD means it’s ideal for digital Pay TV, home theatre systems, meeting rooms, and much more. It’s also convenient to connect a computer to a display where they may not be in close proximity.

Note: Transmission distance varies depending upon the obstacles in between the transmitter and receiver such as walls or solid objects.

Not compatible with Foxtel iQ4 or iQ5 while using 4K resolution.


Box Contents:
1 x HDMI Transmitter
1 x HDMI Receiver
1 x Infrared Remote Control Emitter
1 x Infrared Remote Control Receiver
2 x Mains Power Adaptors
4 x Mounting Brackets
1 x 3.5mm Signal Matching Cable

Wireless Frequency: 5.8GHz
Wireless Range: Up to 30m
HDMI: 1.3
HDCP: 1.4
Resolution: Up to 1080p @ 50/60Hz
Audio: L/R Stereo PCM
Maximum Transfer Rate: 6.75Gbps
Latency: ≤150ms
Infrared Frequency: 20-60KHz
Power: 5VDC, 2A
Dimensions: 130(L) x 100(D) x 25(H)mm (Each)

Transmission frequency : 5.8GHz
Transmission range : 30m
Transmission standard : 5.8GHz Digital
Receiver Antenna Style : Dipole
Transmitter Antenna Style : Dipole
Digital Audio Format : PCM
Mains Connection Type : Mains AU/NZ 2 Pin (No Earth)
PSU Output Lead Length : 1m
Included PSU Rated for AU Mains : true
Included PSU Rated for US Mains : true
Dimensions for : Transmitter
Length : 131mm
Width : 100mm
Height : 24mm
Weight : 282g
DC Plugpack Voltage : 5V, 5V
DC Current Draw : 2A, 2A
AC Plugpack Voltage : 100V, 240V
Item Connection : Barrel Plug
Connection Size (Inner Diameter) : 2.1mm
Suitable PSU Included : true
Packaged Volume : 4.24l
Packaged Weight : 1.13kg
Packaged Length : 29.6cm
Packaged Width : 24.3cm
Packaged Height : 5.9cm
Supported Display Resolution : 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps
HDMI Version : 1.3
HDMI Maximum Data Rate : 6.75Gb/s, 6.75Gb/s
HDCP Version : 1.4
Dimension for : Receiver
Length : 131mm
Width : 100mm
Height : 24mm
Weight : 272g
Transmission Mode : Digital
Type of Signal : HDMI
Input Connection : HDMI Type-A
Number of Inputs : 1pc
Output Connection : HDMI Type-A
Output Quantity : 1pc
Includes IR Extender : true
Extender Type : Wired
Signal Connection Type : 3.5mm Stereo
IR Signal Frequency Compatibility : 20kHz, 60kHz

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