5W 100V 100mm (4”) Fire Speaker White AS ISO7240.24 CF0703

SKU: 9321758235287


Designed to meet AS ISO7240.24:2018*. Fire version of our popular One-Shot C 0703 speaker. It features flame retardant housing material and a tuned PA driver to suit the new approval requirements. One-Shot design simply snap-fits in seconds to the surface mounting ring, reducing installation time considerably.

Please Note: An optional accessory for the speaker is the C 0699A adaptor plate which enables the surface mounting ring to be fixed to a standard conduit junction box without the need for drilling into the concrete slab.

*Active equalisation required to meet AS ISO7240.24 standard.

The Labour Saving One-Shot® Mounting System
Redback® “One-Shot®” speaker units install in seconds providing substantial labour cost savings for the professional installer compared to traditional mounting methods. They simply snap fit to the outer mounting ring by means of the integral pressure clips. The snap clip material is formulated to retain long service life strength and spring action, ensuring a firm vibration free fit. Speaker cable entry can be either from the rear, or via surface mounted conduit (four 19mm conduit knockouts are provided). The neutral white RAL colour provides an architecturally unobtrusive finish to virtually any installation. The transformer is fitted with a 4 way wire protect screw terminal block. This is suitable for loop in, loop out cabling.

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