7in Screen with USB Capacitive Touch

SKU: XC9026


This 7 inch LCD screen has a resolution of 1024x600. It can connect directly to a Raspberry Pi as well as to any other HDMI source that supports the native 1024 x 600 resolution, via the built-in HDMI port. It also includes a capacitive touch interface.
This module is designed to connect directly to the top of a Raspberry Pi, with a small HDMI double plug that locks the two together, but it can be used as a standalone display powered via the micro USB socket on the device. A back-light with switch is included. Now you can add a compact second display to your HDMI device, or make your own portable display device. Turn the Pi plus monitor combination into your own portable computer, small enough to install in a car, or even a custom 3D printed case.

Some display and driver configuration may be needed for operation. This display works with Microsoft Windows versions up to Windows 10, and supports 5 point touch input (with the exception of Windows XP which has single point touch).

  • 1024x600 resolution
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Switchable backlight
  • HDMI input
  • Powered via one of the 2 micro USB ports. The other ports is for touch support.
  • Mounting tabs in each corner
  • Screen: 7”, 1024x600 Pixels
  • Inputs: HDMI, USB Capacitive Touch
  • Supports: Raspbian, Ubuntu, Kodi, Windows 10 IOT or XP (one touch point), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (5 Point Touch)
  • Touch: Five-Point Capacitive

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation



Width : 165.mm
Height : 124.mm
Weight : 380.g

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