80mm 12VDC 3 Wire Maglev Bearing Cooling Fan F2011

SKU: 9321758099919


A 12V DC 80mm Sunon Maglev/Vapo Bearing 3 Wire Cooling Fan (#MF80251V3-10000-G99) with thermoplastic frame. Designed for long-life and minimal noise operation. Sunon® fans are manufactured to a very high standard and hold CSA and UL listings. Altronics has been a Sunon distributor for many years and have found them to be of excellent overall quality and reliability.

This model is a 3 wire fan which provides a frequency generation waveform output.

Note: Other models are available for your specific OEM requirements, please contact us for details.

About Sunon Maglev Bearing Design
Sunon's maglev bearing system provides whisper quiet operation and superior resistance to dust and debris, extending the operational lifetime of the motor.

Mechanical Characteristics
Motor Design: Single phase, 4 poles brushless DC motor
Bearing System: Vapo bearing system
Frame Material: Thermoplastic PBT of UL94V-0
Blade Material: Thermoplastic PBT of UL94V-0
Direction of Rotation: Counter clockwise viewed from the front of the fan blade
Mounting Holes: 8x 4.3mm holes
Weight: 75g
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25mm

Electrical Characteristics
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Rated Current: 65mA (75mA max)
Rated Power Consumption: 0.78W (0.90W max)
Operating Voltage Range: 4.5~13.8V DC
Starting Voltage: 4.5V DC (25°C Power On/Off)
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C

Performance Characteristics
Rated Speed: 2600 RPM ±10%
Air Flow: 33.0 CFM
Static Pressure: 0.11 Inch-H2O
Noise Level: 28.0dB(A)
Insulation Class: UL Class A
Insulation Resistance: 10MΩ at 500V DC between internal stator and lead wire (+)
Dielectric Strength: 500V AC for one minute or 600V AC for 2 seconds between housing and lead wire (+)
Life Expectancy: 60,000 hours at 40°C, 65% RH, 90% CL
Protection: Automatic restart, polarity protection

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