95L Brass Monkey Portable Fishing Fridge with Single LID and Solar / Battery

SKU: GH2042


95L Brass Monkey Portable Fishing Fridge with Single LID and Removable Divider with Solar and Battery Support

Although designed as fishing fridges, these units are equally useful as large single (or dual) zone camping fridges. The lid is dual hinged so it can open from both sides and has drink holders, bottle opener and a ruler (cm/inches) for measuring fish moulded into the lid. It can be configured as a large single zone fridge for big catches or easily converted to a dual zone unit for storing smaller fish or bait, thanks to the removable divider. You can then independently control the temperature of each zone. 

Additionally, this unit has a removable battery compartment, which will allow you to use one of our Brass Monkey batteries so your fridge will keep working while you are between campsites. 

The Anderson to DC plug cable GH2016 (sold separately) allows you to use the sun's power when the internal battery is installed to charge the battery while in use.
• -20°C to 10°C
• Comes with 12/24V power lead and 240VAC adaptor.
* Batteries and solar panel sold separately.


  • Dual zone with removable divider
  • Battery support and solar ready*
  • Dual hinge lid
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Bluetooth App Control
  • Single Fridge/Freezer Zone with divider.
  • Fish ruler on lid



Warranty: 36 Months

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