ABS Instrument Case with Purge Valve MPV2

SKU: HB6381

$59.95 $74.95

These robust cases come with purge valves for an airtight seal, ribbed ABS construction, stainless steel hinge pins, O-ring seals and very solid catches. The lids are lined with removable egg-shell foam and they come with pluck foam insert with an extra layer of egg-shell foam. These are truly exceptional cases that you should have no qualms about entrusting your camera gear, test, medical or scientific equipment. 3 year warranty. 

Small size for a single SLR camera, DMM or other test equipment.

Width : 330.0mm
Height : 120.0mm
Depth : 280.0mm
Material : ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Interior Layout : Foam Insert
Lid Lock : Toggle Latch
Handle : Swivel
Foam Lined : true
Designation : MPV2
Opening method : Swivel
Width : 300.0mm
Height : 90.0mm
Depth : 220.0mm

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