AC1200 IP65 Outdoor range extender with POE

SKU: YN8351


This dual-band Wi-Fi range extender IEEE 802.11ac is specifically designed to provide a high power wireless network in the outdoors, such as a backyard or at a small building site. Its robust weatherproof case and built-in lightning arrestor help it withstand harsh outdoor environments, and passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) support enables you to power it where a mains power outlet isn’t available. Repeater, Access Point (AP), WISP and Mesh extender modes ensure you get the best coverage for your application. The built-in high power amplifier (PA) and low-noise amplifier minimises noise and increases the power of the signal, and omnidirectional antennas with two frequency bands strengthen the Wi-Fi signal for wider coverage and to cover hard-to-reach dead zones. Mounting bracket included. 

- Dual-Band (2.4Hz/5GHz)
- IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
- Weatherproof (IP65)
- PoE Support
- Up to 1000mW of Power
- Maximum Security
- Built-in Lightning Arrestor (15kV ESD)


IP Rating : IP65
Dust/Particle Ingress Protection : 6 - Dust tight, no ingress of dust
Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection : 5 - Water jets
Network Type : 2.4GHz WiFi5GHz WiFi
Type : Removable Dipole
Device Connection : SMA
Antenna Gain : 7dBi
Detachable : true
2.4GHz Max Speed : 300Mb/s
5.2GHz Max Speed : 867Mb/s
LAN Standard : 1000BASE-T (10/100/1000Mbps)
LAN Port Type : RJ45
Number of LAN Ports : 1 ports
WAN Port Type : RJ45
Number of WAN Ports : 1pc
WAN Dynamic IP : true
WAN static IP : true
WAN firewall : true
WAN port forwarding : true
WAN upnp support : true
Wireless Standard : 802.11a802.11b802.11g802.11n802.11ac
Security Encryption : WPAWPA2WEPWPA-PSKWPA2-PSK
Wireless transfer speed : 1200Mb/s
Can be access point : true
Length : 180mm
Width : 50mm
Height : 50mm
Direct POE input : true
Voltage : 24V, 24V
Current : 600mA, 600mA
Computer Signal Type : Network
Casing Material : Plastic
Type of Hardware : Wifi Extender
Speed of Transmission : 1200Mb/s
Supported Wi-Fi Modes : 802.11ac802.11n802.11g802.11b802.11a

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