Anderson Waterproof Boot Source Side

SKU: PT4429


These soft shell boots provide water, dirt, chemical and UV protection for the high current Anderson connectors. The durable boots shield the connectors from water and dirt to IP64 when connected or by itself when the integral cover is used. The terminals of the rubber boot can also be customised to fit cables in-between 12-6 AWG (4-16mm²) wires.

• IP64 protection
• Resistant to UV, Roadway Chemical and Ozone
• Splash resistant when connected and by itself when the integral cover is used
• Customise boot terminals to fit your cables from 12-6 AWG which is 4-16mm²


Dust resistance : true
UV resistance : true
Length : 80mm
Width : 28mm
Height : 86mm
Case Material : Rubber
Dimensions details : dimensions when connected
Length : 80mm
Width : 28mm
Height : 86mm
Availability : Stocked item

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