ANYCUBIC 4K Mono X UV Photon Resin 3D Printer

SKU: TL4421


The 4K Mono X printer takes resin based 3D printing to the next level. Using a 4K resolution 8.9” monochrome LCD this unit produces a higher quality, more detailed printed model with improved accuracy and in a faster print time than previous models. The larger size allows a larger build volume and bigger models.

Unlike filament (FDM) type 3D printers, this resin printer uses UV light that passes through its 4K high resolution LCD screen to cure the resin layer by layer where it is needed. Compared to FDM this method produces a more detailed and smooth print with less visible print layers. 

The Photon Mono allows detailed prints up to 192mm long by 120mm wide. The two high quality Z-axis rails provide build heights up to 245mm high with layer resolutions between 0.01 and 0.15mm. Thanks to the monochrome LCD, exposure times are reduced to just 1.5 seconds per layer so you can achieve print speeds of up to 60mm per hour. The monochrome screen also provides up to 2000 hours of print time, which is four times longer than colour LCDs. 

To operate the printer, simply use the Anycubic slicer software to prepare and save the model to the supplied USB thumb drive, which you insert into the USB port on the printer. Use the 3.5” touchscreen to operate and monitor your printer’s progress. 

The Anycubic slicer software supports up to 16 times anti-aliasing (smoothing), with fast slicing, hallowing, split model, and text paste features. 

The mobile device based app allows remote monitoring and management of print jobs

Other features include quick FEP replacement, UV-blocking top cover, matrix parallel light for uniform exposure, and top cover detection that stops the printing if the cover is removed. 
Resin in multiple colours is sold separately. 

• 8.9” 4K Monochrome LCD 
• Quick FEP Replacement 
• Fast Printing Speed 
• High Quality Z-axis

• Operation : 3.5 inch Touch Screen
• Software : ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
• Connectivity : USB
• Technology: LCD-based SLA
• Light-source: high-quality filament (wavelength 405nm)
• XY Res.: 0.050mm 3840 x 2400 (4K)
• Z Axis Res.: 0.01mm
• Layer Res.: 0.01-0.15mm
• Printing Speed: MAX 60mm/h
• Rated Power: 120W
• Build Volume: 192mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 245mm (H)
• Material: 405nm UV Resin

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