Arduino Compatible Stepper Motor Controller Module

SKU: XC4492


Using the powerful L298N Dual Motor Driver, this module allows full control of two DC Motors or one stepper-motor. Features back-EMF and over-temperature protection, it is ideally suited to drive two-motor robot kits. An on-board 5V regulator can also be used to power your project.

•    Screw Terminals for easy connections
•    LEDs show power and output status
•    Requires six digital pins
•    4 mounting holes


Width : 69mm
Height : 36mm
Depth : 56mm
Packaged Volume : 0.31l
Packaged Weight : 0.04kg
Packaged Length : 9.9cm
Packaged Width : 9.9cm
Packaged Height : 3.2cm
Required Supply Voltage : 3V, 30V
Sensor IC : L298N

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