Arduino Compatible Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

SKU: XC4520


Measure both temperature and humidity with this nifty module. Fully digital operated so no analogue-to-digital calibration is required. Features resistive-type humidity measurement.


• Arduino library available.
• Protocol: 1-Wire(Not Dallas 1-Wire, one data pin is required per sensor used)
• Temperature Range: 0 ºC - 50 ºC +/- 2 ºC
• Humidity Range: 20 – 80% +/- 5%
• Sample Rate: 1Hz



Length : 20mm
Width : 52mm
Height : 13mm
Packaged Volume : 0.15l
Packaged Weight : 0.01kg
Packaged Length : 10cm
Packaged Width : 10cm
Packaged Height : 1.5cm
Linker Kit Compatible : true
Required Supply Voltage : 3V, 5V
Sensor Outputs : 1-wire protocol sends temp and humidity

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