AVLabs 12" Digital Photo Frame - Wood OAE-AVL938WOOD



View your favourite photos as a slideshow with the AVLabs Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame. This 12" digital AVLabs photo frame is wall mountable with built-in speakers, remote control and slideshow effects.

Key Features

  • Re-experience your important family memories in dazzling high resolution on the AVLabs Digital Photo Frame. Measuring 12", with 1280 x 800 resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio.
  • Create a memorable slideshow with the AVLabs 12" Digital Frame. With built-in speakers, slide show effects, adjustable brightness, contrast and a rotate zoom in/out function.
  • Wall-mountable functionality allows you to place the AVLabs frame wherever you need. This sleek digital photo frame also includes a handy remote control and built-in speakers.
  • With support for photo, music and video files, the AVLabs 12" Digital Frame lets you do more with your memories.
  • Perfect for bedside tables or living areas, this digital photo frame also features alarm, clock and calendar functions.
  • The device will auto sleep and stop displaying if it doesn’t detect body motion. And auto wake up and continue displaying when it detects any body motion.

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