Buffer Solution to suit QM1670 pH Meter Hand Held

SKU: QM1671


pH Solution to suit pH Meter QM-1670

Meter not included


QM1670 pH Meter Hand Held

A simple and accurate device for checking pH levels in water. The unit is equally valuable for keeping your fish tank at the proper pH level for optimum fish health or checking your swimming pool for the right balance.

The meter is simple to use and the large liquid crystal display gives clear and precise readings that are much more accurate than messy chemicals. The unit has an extendable probe that can be adjusted to suit each application. The meter is supplied with a 9 volt battery, a bottle of pH 7.0 buffer solution and calibration tool.


Operating Temperature : 0.°C, 50°C
pH Measurement range : 1pH, 14pH
pH Measurement Accuracy +/- : 0.2%
ph Resolution : 0.1pH
Display Type : LCD
Width : 40mm
Height : 158mm
Depth : 34mm
Battery used for : Main Product
Size / Shape : 9V
Batteries included : true
Batteries can be replaced by user : true

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