Bug Jar HJ2600

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This nifty, magnifying jar is perfect for viewing bugs and other small items from nature.

These handy bug jars provide a means to both contain any interesting creatures you may find, as well as examine them under magnification.

Start with the included plastic bug, then move on to faster-moving creatures.

This nifty little bug viewer has a magnifying lid with air holes to keep bugs alive while you size them up on the measuring grid.

Magnifying bug jar has

  • grid to size up bugs
  • air holes 
  • comes with plastic spider

How does it work?

Find and catch little critters and place inside the container to get a closer look through the magnifying lid. The measuring grid on the bottom will give a good idea of size. Dont forget to let them go when you finish your study. Examine shells, leaves, flowers and more!

The lid fits nice and snugly to keep insects and other small objects safely inside.

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