Building Emergency Alert/Evacuation Controller A4565B

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This Evacuation controller is easy to operate and is designed around industry standard building emergency alert/evacuate requirements. When connected to a paging system amplifier, building occupants can be alerted and/or evacuated in the event of an emergency e.g.: fire, gas leak, bomb scare, earthquake. Auto or manual modes are selected by the front panel key switch which uses an industry standard 003 key. Alert & evac switches are fitted with safety covers to prevent accidental operation. Also inbuilt, is a Bell function tone for signalling lunch breaks, start of class etc.

The Alert, Evacuation, Bell, Fire Test and Fire tones and Emergency Messages are all MP3 based and stored on a Micro SD card which is accessible from the rear of the unit. The Alert, Evacuation and bell tones and cancel function are triggered by the front switches when in manual mode or by the rear terminal contacts when in Auto mode for remote activation i.e. a clock, remote switch or remote wall plate. These functions can also be activated by optional wall plates and paging consoles. The Fire tone is activated from the rear Fire trigger or from the A 4597 remote plate. The Fire Test tone is activated by the A 4597 remote plate only.

Provision has been made for a BGM (background music) source to be played through the controller. BGM is automatically muted when any other function is operated. A mic input is provided on the front panel and paging is also available through the A 4660 paging console. These can be used for either general or emergency paging and overrides all other functions. A pre-announcement chime is available on the microphone input. This can be switched on or off via external dip switches. Switched 24V Out connections are provided for all emergency and paging conditions. These contacts are for connection of override relays in remote volume controls, warning strobes, bells etc.

Package Contents
A 4565B Alert/Evacuation Controller
24V DC 2A Plugpack
Instruction Booklet

Output Level: 0dBm
Distortion: 0.01%
Frequency Response: 140Hz - 20kHz
Muting: Via Microphone Switch Contact
Audio Storage: Micro SD 16GB (max)
Indicators: Power On, MP3 Error, Fire Active, Fire Test Active, PA Active
Power Supply: 24V DC
DC Fuse: 2A (M205)
Colour: Black
Weight: 1.6kg
Dimensions: 482W x 125D x 44H

Signal To Noise Ratio
Aux/Music Input: -90dB (typically)
Alert/Evac/Chime: -70dB (typically)

Input Sensitivity
Mic: 2mV (balanced)
BGM/Aux Input: 300mV (unbalanced)

Output Connectors
Audio Output: RCA Stereo Socket
Switched 24V DC Out: Screw Terminals
Alert 24V DC Out: Screw Terminals
Evac 24V DC Out: Screw Terminals
Bell 24V DC Out: Screw Terminals
Fire 24V DC Out: Screw Terminals
PLEASE NOTE: Output loads limited to 120mA

Input Connectors
Mic: 5 Pin XLR
Aux Input: RCA Stereo Socket
24V DC Power: Screw Terminals
24V DC Power: 2.1mm DC Socket
Remote Alert, Evac, Bell, Fire, Cancel: Screw Terminals

BGM Input: Rear Volume
Bell, Evac, Chime, Fire Tones: Rear Volume
Voice Over/PA Mic: Rear Volume
Mic Input: Front Panel Volume
Auxiliary Output: Front Panel Volume
Power: On/Off Switch
Mode Selection: Keyswitch 003 Standard
Alert Switch: Illuminated Push Switch
Evac Switch: Illuminated Push Switch
Bell Switch: Illuminated Push Switch
Cancel Switch: Push Switch

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