Combination Butyl/Foam Super Sound Deadener

SKU: AX3689


Combining both the sound deadening properties of butyl material, and insulating properties of honeycomb foam, this is an easy single application solution for complete sound deadening and isolation that also offers thermal insulation. Consisting of a layer of our AX-3687 Butyl Based sound deadener and a 3.0mm thick layer of honeycomb foam (similar to our AX-3662), lining the cabin of your vehicle with these sound deadening sheets will give you drastically reduced road noise, less panel vibration and a cooler cabin temperature. Application is easy with the self adhesive backing and ability to mould to the shape of the panel. Ideal for door skins, head linings, door cards and under bonnet insulation.


Storage Temperature : -10°C, 100°C
Length : 330mm
Width : 660mm
Height : 4.5mm
Packaged Volume : 2.05l
Packaged Weight : 0.86kg
Packaged Length : 7.5cm
Packaged Width : 7.5cm
Packaged Height : 36.5cm

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