Fridge Tie-Down Brackets for Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers

SKU: GH2058


Tieing down your Brass Monkey fridge/freezer is even easier with these metal tie down brackets. Simply unscrew the fridges handles, place the metal bracket on the fridge then re-screw the plastic handle over the top. Simply use any tie down strap and anchor your fridge easily where ever you need to.

Suits models:

  • GH1640
  • GH1642
  • GH1644
  • GH1684
  • GH2022
  • GH2024
  • GH2030
  • GH2032
  • GH2034
  • GH2030
  • GH2032
  • GH2034
  • GH2036
  • GH2038
  • GH2040
  • GH2042
  • GH2044
  • GH2080
  • GH2082


Length : 83mm
Width : 93mm
Weight : 167g
Make of outer material : Stainless Steel

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