DAC Dig Audio-Analogue L/R Hphone

SKU: AC1633


The converter takes a toslink optical, SPDIF coaxial or USB digital audio source and converts it to standard analogue left and right stereo audio. Allows for digital audio devices to be interfaced to analogue components such as a power amplifier, receivers, powered speakers or headphones via standard RCA line level output. It has a built in OP amp with adjustable volume control for personal listening through earphones or headphones.

• Built-in OP amp with adjustable level control
• Bridge legacy sound system with digital sources
• Support up to 24bit / 192kHz via to slink optical and SPDIF coaxial and USB interface
• Plug and play with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista
• Requires no additional drivers or software

• Bit Rate: 16-bit to 24-bit
• Sample Rate: 32kHz / 44.1kHz / 48 kHz / 96kHz / 192kHz (via toslink.optical)
• 32kHz / 44.1kHz / 48 kHz / 96kHz (via USB)

* Note: This DAC accepts 2 channel digital audio only, and works with any PCM stream with Dolby Digital or DTS disabled.

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