Digitech 3W UHF CB Radio Tradies Pack - Pair

SKU: DC1076


This handy case has everything you need to keep in touch at the worksite, office or on the road trip. 2 x 3W Waterproof Floating UHF Transceivers, 2 x Mini Speaker/Microphones, 2 x VOX Headset/Microphones, charging dock with mains adaptor and 12V power adaptors for in-car charging.

A 10km line-of-sight range will allow you to keep in contact over large distances and IP67 rating means it can survive being submerged in 1m of water. They even float if you accidentally drop them into the water.

The compact speaker microphones are ideally suitable for handheld transceivers with a speaker/mic jack. Handy VOX headsets with clip are also included if you need to keep both hands free.

Great for camping, off-road race crews, roadies, people who work at large sporting venues, and more.

Pack includes:
•    2 x 3W Waterproof Floating UHF Transceiver with 80 channels
•    2 x Mini Speakers/Microphones
•    2 x 12V cigarette lighter charger Leads (charge via headphone socket)
•    2 x VOX Headset and Microphone for Transceivers
•    1 x Dock with mains plugpack to charge two Transceivers at the same time

Additional Dimensions
Width 280mm
Height 100mm
Dimension for Carry Case
Length 400mm
Warranty: 12 Months

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