DJI Mini 2 360-Degree Propeller Guard



The lightweight DJI Mini 2 360° Propeller Guard fully protects the propellers and improves flight safety. It is especially useful for beginners and when flying indoors or in places with many obstacles. With the propeller guard mounted, the maximum flight time is 18 minutes.

To ensure safety, please avoid any contact between the aircraft and yourself or others when the aircraft is powered on.

Do not use the propeller guard in high altitudes (2000 m or higher) or in a windy environment.

  • Weight (one side)  23.5 g
  • Radius  71 mm
  • Installation After Mounting  318×267×66 mm

What's in the Box

DJI Mini 2 360-Degree Propeller Guard
  • 360-Degree Propeller Guard (set) x 1

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