Double Motor Independent 4 Speed Gearbox / Axle Assembly

SKU: YG2741


Basically a double version of the unit above. Each motor can be separately driven and therefore when wheels are connected could rotate on the spot. Each gearbox is independent so it is possible to set different gear ratios for each box. Includes 2 x FA-30 type 3 volt motors. Same ratio range as Item YG-2740.


DC Voltage : 3V
Packaged Volume : 0.44l
Packaged Weight : 0.12kg
Packaged Length : 14cm
Packaged Width : 10.5cm
Packaged Height : 3cm
Gear Ratio : 12.7:1 38.2:1 114.7:1 344.2:1 
Adjustable Gear : true
Motor Nominal Voltage : 3V

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