Double Standard Blade Fuse Socket Wire Tap SF5115

SKU: 9319236992876


If youve ever wanted to install 12VDC devices near or around your dash but have been put off by the need to manually connect new wiring and run it into your engine bay then this is a great solution. Simply plug the fuse into a socket in your fusebox and youll have an instant 12VDC power source.

A great way to power headrest monitors, extra internal car lighting, gauges, and more. Outputs to a female bullet quick crimp connector and maximum current load is 30 amp plus 20 amp (secondary line).


Packaged Volume : 0.33l
Packaged Weight : 0.03kg
Packaged Length : 14.3cm
Packaged Width : 9.6cm
Packaged Height : 2.4cm

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