DR STEVE DRS91030 Dino Excavation Kit

SKU: DRS91030


Dig through an easy-to-excavate rock to uncover and assemble the bones of a terrifying T-Rex with the Dr Steve HUNTERS T-Rex Skeleton Dino Excavation Kit - 33cm!
After you explore the mysterious chunk of stone and assemble the replica skeleton, you can learn fun facts about this amazing prehistoric creature with the included learning poster!
Any dinosaur fan will absolutely love building this 13 piece, 33cm T-Rex before proudly displaying it on its stone-like pedestal alongside the mini Spinosaurus. Everything an aspiring paleontologist needs!
Ages: 6+
* T-Rex replica is 33cm tall, and consists of 13 pieces
* Includes 1 easy-to-excavate rock (including authentic T-Rex skeleton replica: 13 pieces), 1 mini Spinosaurus skeleton (8 pieces), 1 hammer, 1 chisel, 1 brush, 1 learning poster with dinosaur facts and instructions

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