Duinotech BBC Micro:bit v2 Starter Kit

SKU: XC4326


Includes BBC Micro:bitV2 Board
No soldering or prior programming knowledge is required.
• Accelerometer
• Magnetic Sensor

If you are just getting started in the world of electronics and coding or want that ideal gift for a young maker, this kit is the perfect choice. No soldering or prior programming knowledge is required. At the heart of the kit is the micro:bit V2 board which is a powerful, handheld fully programmable microcomputer, designed by the BBC.

It has an accelerometer to detect movement and tilting, a magnetic sensor to detect metal or create a compass, and up to 23 inputs to connect to the physical world. The board also has a 5 x 5 LED display and two onboard input push buttons provide instant control.

The kit includes common electronics components from resistors to a servo motor, and all the necessary prototyping accessories to get building. A 36-page beginner’s guide is also included to get you started. This is an update to the original XC4322 kit and is now based on the recently released micro:bit V2 board

Tool Kit
Tool kit contents
Micro:bit Main Board , 1 x Breakout Board, 1 x USB Cable , 1 x 2xAAA Battery Holder, 1 x Breadboard, 1 x Breadboard Jumper Wire, 1 x Servo Motor, 1 x 7-Segment LED Display, 1 x Passive Buzzer, 1 x Active Buzzer, 2 x Tactile Switches, 2 x Button Caps, 1 x Potentiometer, 1 x 5mm RGB LED, 1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor, 3 x Photoresistor, 1 x Thermister, 1 x 5mm IR Receiver, 2 x Ball Tilt Switch, 5 x Red LEDs, 5 x Yellow LEDs, 5 x Blue LEDs, 5 x Green LEDs, 10 x 220R Resistors, 10 x 1K Resistors, 10 x 10K Resistors, 1 x Storage Case
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