Dummy Security Camera with Infrared - Bullet

SKU: LA5325


Visible deterrence is probably the most important aspect of security, most criminals will move on to a place that doesn’t look like it has CCTV surveillance. These dummy cameras look convincing with realistic looking infrared LEDs which will turn on at night time. Includes a CCTV security sticker and mounting hardware.

Infrared: 30 x IR LEDs
IP Rating: IP44
IP Rating : 44
Dust/Particle Ingress Protection : 4 - Objects > 1mm, most wires screws etc
Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection : 4 - Splashing water
Length : 175 mm
Diameter : 85 mm
Batteries included : no
Size / Shape : AA
Battery quantity : 2 pc
Batteries can be replaced : yes



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