Duratech 10W Soldering Station 240VAC

SKU: TS1610


This is an exceptionally delicate, temperature controlled soldering iron. The low pencil weight will help reduce fatigue on your hands when working for prolonged periods. It’s also very compact so you can almost keep it in your toolkit, and still have the precision you need on-site. While you don’t want to go trying to solder Anderson® connectors with this, the delicate pencil has enough power to work with fine components and circuits. It’s also good for very thin hookup style cable. Suitable for lead-based and lead-free solder thanks to the 100-450°C temperature range. Temperature is selected with the rotary dial, and the base unit includes an integrated stand.

- Rotary Temperature Control Dial
- Integrated Soldering Pencil Holder

Spare Soldering Pencil (TS1610)  CAT.NO: TS1611

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