Economy Die-cast Aluminium Boxes - 111 x 60 x 30mm

SKU: HB5062


• Excellent screening properties for EMI and RFI
• Ideal for projects subject to weather
• Made from 380 Die-cast aluminium alloy (BS1490 LM24)
• Ideal for instruments, meter cases, filter networks etc
• Robust, light weight/easy to machine
• Ideal for projects involving heat as the case itself makes an excellent heatsink
• Close fitting flanged lids
• New increased range


Width : 111mm
Height : 30mm
Depth : 60mm
Packaged Volume : 0.31l
Packaged Weight : 0.12kg
Packaged Length : 12.2cm
Packaged Width : 6.6cm
Packaged Height : 3.8cm
Material : Aluminium
Diecast : true
Lid Screws : 4pc

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