eSUN eBox Filament Storage Dry Box with Built-In Heater

SKU: TL4430


The eSUN eBox Filament Storage Dry Box is the new filament storage box designed by eSUN. Its not just a storage box but actively heats up to keep the filament dry.

With a maximum heating temperature of 80ºC (heating panel temperature), eBox can also be used to create a completely dry environment for your filament and to actively dry out the moisture in some filaments.

Product Features
• Filaments are rack placed
• Sealed protection, dust-free
• Space to add a silica gel pack
• Set the heater time and temperature
• Comes with an anti-skid rubber feet


Length : 215mm
Width : 104mm
Height : 238.5mm
Weight : 0.95g
Volume : 5.33ml
PSU Powers : Main Product
DC Plugpack Voltage : 12V
DC Current Draw : 2A
AC Plugpack Voltage : 240V
AC Current Draw : 24A
Packaged Volume : 10.07l
Packaged Weight : 1.15kg
Packaged Length : 27.5cm
Packaged Width : 14.2cm
Packaged Height : 25.8cm

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