eSUN White Water Washable 500g Resin for Photon Resin 3D Printers

SKU: TL4450


eSun-Washable Resin is a Bio-Based Resin which is a environmental friendly resin made for LCD/LED light source printers. The ability to wash your excess resin after print using water is a time and money saving feature you will love.

  • Environmental friendly.
  • Low smell.
  • High precision.
  • High hardness and good wear resistance.
  • Good moisture-resistance.
  • Water washable

  • wavelength (nm) : 395-410
  • Density (g/m3) : 1.05-1.25
  • Viscosity (25°, MPa.s) : 100-120
  • Hardness (Shore D) : 76
  • Tensile Strength (Mpa) : 68
  • Elongation at Break (%) : 5-10
  • Flexural Strength (Mpa) : 900-1400

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