Ethernet Over Power N300 Wi-Fi Access Point Supports HD and 3D Video Streaming and Online Gaming

SKU: YN8359


Turn a power outlet in your home into a potential Internet connection.

The 502WM powerline kit will extend your Wi-Fi signal and eliminate dead zones while providing data transmission rates up to 300Mbps.

Set up is easy, just plug it in, then press and hold the Pair buttons. Once the LEDs stop blinking, your extended network is established.



LAN Standard : 100BASE-T (10/100Mbps)
Length : 76.8mm
Width : 51.9mm
Height : 68.4mm
Mains Voltage Range : 100V, 240V
Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz
Mains Max Current : 0.1A
Speed of Transmission : 300Mb/s

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