Flylead High Quality RG6 Quad Shield Cable with Crimped Connectors

SKU: WV7390

Title: 1.5m

This series is a high quality RG6 Quad shield cable designed specifically for use with the new generation of video signals like Pay TV installations, digital television and traditional analogue video signals.

* 75Ohm Impedance
* Solid copper centre conductor with braid and foil shielding

Audio Video Signal Type : Composite Video and Audio
Quality of lead : High Grade
Length of Lead : 1.5 m
Lead Input Type : F Type
Lead Input Connection : Plug
Input Quantity : 1. pc
Lead Output Type : F Type
Output Quantity : 1. pc
Lead Output Connection : Plug
Directional : false

Available in 4 lengths:
3M: WV7392
5M: WV7394
10M: WV7396

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