Heads Up Multifunction Display GPS 5.5In

SKU: LA9034


This is the big brother of head-up displays. It features all the standard features such as current speed in km/h or mp/h, as well as a compass. However, it also provides a tripmeter (distance travelled) and driving time, which can be extremely useful. The large 5.5” display ensures all information is large, clear, and easily read. Additional information is also provided such as current altitude and the number of satellites currently in range for precision. It’s a fantastic unit, and a great safety addition to your vehicle to ensure you keep your eyes on the road. 

Note: Check local regulations regarding installation position. Compliant installation requires position to be within fixed distances from the dashboard for some locations.

Box Contents:
1 x GPS 5.5” Head-Up Display
1 x Anti Slip Dashboard Mat
1 x Windscreen Reflector
1 x Car Cigarette Lighter Charger

. Vehicle Speed & Compass
. Tripmeter & Driving Time
. Over Speed Alarm
. Auto Brightness Adjustment
. 12/24VDC Operation
. Battery Voltage Display

Display: 5.5” 
Speed Range: 0-400km/h  
Satellite Positioning Time: 30 Seconds (Cold Start)
                                       1 Second (Hot Start)
Compass Precision: +/- 1°
Input Voltage: 10-30VDC
Power Consumption: 40mA
Standby Power Consumption: 15mA
Product Dimensions
Depth 15mm
Length 125mm
Height 75mm
Weight 115g
Warranty: 12 Months

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